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Vintage Royal Coat of Arms of Mary I of England

Vintage Royal Coat of Arms of Mary I of England

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Our Antique 'Royal Coat of Arms Tapestry' is a vintage one-off piece and a representation of the Coat of arms of Mary I of England and Philip II of Spain. The shield represents the joint authority of the couple by including one lion and one griffin.

The Griffin: represents wisdom, guardianleadership and strength. It is eagle's (King of Birds) face, neck and wings with the body of a loin (King of Beasts).

The Lion guardant: represents strength, royalty, courage, justice and nobility.

Queen Mary I - also known as Mary Tudor & 'Bloody Mary' was the queen of England from 1553-1558. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She married Philip in 1554, upon which Phillip was given the title of King of England.

Our vintage tapestry depicts the artistry at its finest. It is curated in Kashmir by artisans who have had the technique passed down to them by their forefathers, these pieces are truly extraordinary.

A little historic piece of treasure for your home. These rare finds are artefacts for your home and hard to find!

Dimensions 180.34 (h) x 124.46 (w) cm
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