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Vintage Mahogany Hand-Carved Candlestick Holders - Set of 2

Vintage Mahogany Hand-Carved Candlestick Holders - Set of 2

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Enhance your home with the timeless elegance of this set of two vintage mahogany candlestick holders. Expertly hand-carved from rich, dark mahogany wood, these candlestick holders embody the sophisticated craftsmanship and enduring quality of classic decor pieces. Their intricate design features gracefully rounded elements, adding a touch of refinement to any setting.

Perfect for creating a warm, inviting ambiance, these candlestick holders are ideal for dining tables, mantels, or any area in need of a stylish accent. The deep, lustrous finish highlights the natural beauty of the mahogany, making each piece unique. Whether you're a collector of vintage items or seeking a distinctive addition to your home decor, this set of candlestick holders is a magnificent choice.

Add a touch of vintage charm and handcrafted beauty to your home with these exquisite mahogany candlestick holders. 

One Candlestick Holder: Height: 25cm, 4.3cm

Weight for both Candlesticks: 649 grams

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