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Scarlet Artisanl Vintage Rug

Scarlet Artisanl Vintage Rug

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Embark on a nostalgic journey with our vintage Kashmiri tapestry, a vintage piece dating back nearly 30-40 years, capturing the essence of cowhide rug design. This exquisite textile portrays a picturesque scene of shorebird pairs, one in tranquil turquoise and the other in earthy wheat tones, set against a backdrop of natural beauty.

The tapestry's borders are adorned with motifs inspired by the natural landscape. Each detail reflects the harmony between humanity and nature, evoking memories of days spent by the shore, immersed in the pursuit of these graceful creatures.

With its depiction of shorebirds, this tapestry not only enchants the eye but also stirs the soul, capturing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that accompanies shorebird hunting. Whether displayed as a wall hanging or draped over furniture, it serves as a timeless reminder of the joys found in nature's bounty and the craftsmanship of Kashmiri artisans.

Let the tapestry's natural beauty adorn your home, infusing it with the warmth and nostalgia of shorebird hunting expeditions gone by. Celebrate the spirit of the wild with this vintage masterpiece, a testament to the enduring beauty of nature and the skill of Kashmiri artisans. Invite the essence of shorebirds into your home with this exquisite tapestry, and let its charm enchant you for years to come.

Height: 116cm
Width: 174cm
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