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The Wildwoods Vintage Tapestry

The Wildwoods Vintage Tapestry

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Our Antique 'The Wildwoods Tapestry' is a one-off piece and represents Wild Growth & Life in Water, on Land and in the Sky.

The scene is set by showing fishes and the growth of plants in a shallow pond and floating lily pods. The duck's connection with both the water and land. Followed by birds on the land and in the sky.

As you look at the tapestry, you immediately start to imagine and feel the setting with splashing noises, ducks movement under the bush and the flapping wings of the birds. The smell of wildflowers, water, wet earth and grass takes over your sense of smell. Imagine getting your hands in the pond to feel the water or getting your feet dirty in the mud. The rare colours and story of the tapestry adds life to your living room, bedroom or hallway.

Our vintage tapestry depicts the artistry at its finest. It is curated in Kashmir by artisans who have had the technique passed down to them by their forefathers, these pieces are truly extraordinary.

A little historic piece of treasure for your home. These rare finds are artefacts for your home and hard to find!

Dimensions 150 (h) x 92 (w) cm
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