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Qalat Ajrak Ralli Organic Sofa Throw and Bed Throw

Qalat Ajrak Ralli Organic Sofa Throw and Bed Throw

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Our Vintage Ajrak throw is the perfect example of the technique of Ajrak at its finest. The traditional ajrak motifs have been handstitched and block printed in a patchwork design using the traditional Kantha stitch. An intricate mesmerising throw with the use of natural dyes and a double side depicting the artisan's mastery. A one-off rare find to adorn your home. A true showstopper!

The tradition of Ajrak can be dated back as early as 3000BC. Early human settlements in the region which is now the province of Sindh in Pakistan along the Indus River found a way of cultivating and using Gossypium (tree cotton) to make clothes for themselves. Bearing a distinct character, this form of hand block printing is believed to have been prevalent since the Harrapan civilization. A bust of a king-priest excavated at Mohenjo-Daro shows him draped over one shoulder in a piece of cloth that resembles an ajrak. What came as an explanation for this observation was the trefoil pattern etched on the person's garment interspersed with small circles, the interiors of which were filled with red pigment.

Practiced in the Sindh region, the arduous task of patterning involves about a dozen steps including pre-treating the fabric in organic compounds to absorb the natural dyes better. First, the women gather all the small and colourful pieces of discarded clothes, cut them into small squares or other irregular shapes and sew them together using thread and needle. Each piece is sewed together by hand and takes months to sew together just the middle piece. These unique, one-off, colourful creations of Rallis exhibit Sindhi women's creativity and designing skills.

The Ralli has multipurpose uses and can be used as bedspreads, sofa throws, beach blankets or as a wall hanging.

Dry Clean only.

Dimensions 267cm (L) x 142cm (w)
Weight 1.5kg
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