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Keyhole Candle Stand

Keyhole Candle Stand

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Tamegroute, is a little village located near the Sahara Desert South Morocco, which has become very popular for its iconic green pottery. There is a particular shade of green traditionally used in the pottery of this region which cannot be found anywhere else due to the nature of the ingredients and can only be sourced locally. Besides the colour of the natural dyes, the firing process that is thought to be key to the multi-shade green colour that has yet to be replicated elsewhere.

The very rustic Tamegroute Candlestick is indigenous to Morocco. The shades may vary, and these pieces embody the artisans artistry. The imperfections are a tribute to their creation. Each piece is unique own marks and patterns. No two candlesticks are the same.

Dimensions 12(h) x 9(w) inches
Weight 1031 grams
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