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Folk Art Morccan Decorative Bottles (Preloved)

Folk Art Morccan Decorative Bottles (Preloved)

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Bring the vibrant culture of Morocco into your home with this stunning set of three Handcrafted Moroccan Ceramic Face Vases. Each vase showcases the exceptional skill and creativity of Moroccan artisans, featuring unique facial designs and vivid, hand-painted patterns. Made from high-quality ceramic, these vases are finished with a beautiful glaze that enhances their earthy tones and intricate details.

The set includes:

  1. Atlas Guardian: This vase features a bold face with traditional Moroccan motifs, reflecting the spirit of the Atlas Mountains.
  2. Desert Sage: With a wise and contemplative expression, this vase embodies the essence of Moroccan desert landscapes and culture.
  3. Oasis Muse: Decorated with leaf motifs and a serene expression, this vase celebrates the lush oases that punctuate Morocco's arid regions.

Perfect as a centerpiece or as an eclectic addition to your home décor, these vases blend traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Display them together for a striking visual impact or individually to highlight their distinct characters. Ideal for holding dried flowers, decorative branches, or standing alone as statement pieces, these vases are sure to be conversation starters in any room.

Enhance your home with the beauty of Moroccan artistry and add a touch of cultural richness with this exquisite set of Moroccan Ceramic Face Vases.

(Far left) Height: 30cm, Width: 12cm. (Middle) Height: 25cm, Width: 11.5cm (Far right) Height: 30cm, Width: 9.2cm


Far left: 668 grams, Middle: 520 grams, far right: 569 grams

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