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Handmade Floral Separation Tapestry

Handmade Floral Separation Tapestry

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Vintage Piece

Indulge in the timeless allure of Kashmiri craftsmanship with our exquisite tapestry, a mesmerizing blend of tradition and artistry. Intricately woven by skilled artisans from Kashmir, Pakistan, this tapestry tells a story of harmony and beauty.

At its heart, two majestic birds capture the gaze – one adorned in vivid turquoise hues, its graceful form extending into a long, elegant tail. Beside it, a companion in warm wheat tones, its charm enhanced by a slightly smaller yet equally enchanting tail. The birds, a symbol of freedom and grace, are delicately separated by a resplendent flower pattern that adorns the entirety of the tapestry in pure white, adding a touch of purity and serenity to the composition.

Set against a backdrop of deep red, the rich hue enhances the vibrancy of the design, creating a striking contrast that draws the eye and captivates the soul. Each stitch, each thread, speaks of the artisan's dedication and passion, making this tapestry not just a piece of decor, but a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir.

Adorn your living space with this masterpiece, let its beauty transport you to the tranquil valleys and majestic landscapes of Kashmir. Whether hung on a wall or draped elegantly over furniture, this tapestry is sure to become a cherished centerpiece, inviting admiration and awe from all who behold it. Experience the magic of Kashmiri artistry with our stunning tapestry – a treasure to be cherished for generations to come.

Height: 55cm
Width: 87cm
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