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Botanical Art on Rustic Wooden Panel

Botanical Art on Rustic Wooden Panel

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1. Medium: The artwork is done on a wooden panel, utilizing the natural wood grain as part of the visual composition.
2. Technique: It combines elements of drawing and painting. The flowers are painted in vibrant red hues, while the figure appears to be drawn in a sketch-like manner, possibly with ink or a similar medium.
3. Subject Matter: The painting features two large, red flowers with a stylized human figure superimposed over them. The flowers could be waratahs, native to Australia, known for their striking red appearance.

This combination of natural wood grain, painted elements, and sketched figures suggests a blend of realism and abstract or illustrative techniques. The use of wood as a canvas adds a rustic and organic feel to the piece.

Height: 19cm, Width: 25cm

Weight: 470 grams

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