The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time of year again! The Christmas holidays are upon us and we're here to help you find the perfect present for your loved ones. If you're like us, you want your gifts to be special, thoughtful and meaningful. We've rounded up our favourite sustainable gifts from our store - all of which are ethically sourced and handmade, so you can feel good about gifting them this Christmas.

Here are some awesome green gifts that will make your friends and family happy - and make the world a better place.

  1. This Pamper Christmas Gift Box is made from sustainable materials - making your gift guilt-free. This lovely vegan box is a way to show someone that you notice all of their small acts of kindness and that you appreciate them. 


  1. Blue White Freesia Mug with Coaster. This handcrafted mug is inspired by the design of the late artist and ceramist, Sheherazade Alam. With a stunning coaster that can be used to cover your drink to keep it warm. 

 Ishq.Uk - Blue White Freesia Mug with Coaster


  1. Our Antique ‘Royal Coat of Arms Tapestry’ is a vintage one-off piece and a representation of the Coat of arms of Mary I of England and Philip II of Spain. The shield represents the joint authority of the couple by including one lion and one griffin. Our vintage tapestry depicts the artistry at its finest. It is curated in Kashmir by artisans who have had the technique passed down to them by their forefathers, these pieces are truly extraordinary. 


Ishq.Uk - Vintage Royal Coat of Arms of Mary I of England


  1. Check out this Vegan Gift Box! Everything vegan, natural and zero waste! We include a random distribution of soaps so surprise yourself or a loved one! 

 Ishq.Uk - Soap Lovers Pamper Gift Box


  1. Ceramic Freesia Salad Dressing Jars. These handcrafted Salad Dressing Jar is inspired by the design of the late artist and ceramist, Sheherazade Alam. Ms. Alam’s work was known internationally for her handmade pottery. 

 Ishq.Uk - Ceramic Freesia Salad Dressing Jars


At Ishq.Uk, we appreciate imperfections and handmade crafts. These beautifully crafted ceramic salad dressing jars are embellished with the Freesia flower by our expert artisans.

Final Thoughts

It's Christmas time, and what better way to celebrate than buying sustainable. If you're looking for thoughtful gifts that will make your loved ones smile and feel cared for, but that won't harm the planet, look no further than this gift guide. We've selected our top picks for sustainable, ethical consumerism that will have everyone feeling like they got the best present ever this holiday season. For all our products, click here

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