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Blue Floral Handcrafted Mug

Blue Floral Handcrafted Mug

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The Floral Handcrafted mugs are inspired by the life of the late artist, ceramist, and mentor Sheherezade Alam. Ms. Alam's work was known internationally for her handmade pottery. The flowers and colours of the mugs represent the ups and downs in her life. White represents the lonely feeling in her life after her husband and daughter's murder.

Sheherazade's husband and one daughter were murdered in 1999, which was a lifetime of grief for her but she always stayed positive. Working with clay became therapy for her, and she started to build a special connection with clay. In an interview, she mentioned that she loved the imperfections of pottery, and these are reflected in our mugs.

Both through the sense of touch and sight, you can feel Sheherezade life struggles and happy moments.

At ISHQ, we appreciate imperfections and handmade, as handmade tells the story of the maker and the making process.

This beautifully hand-crafted ceramic mug is embellished with the Chrysanthemum flower by our artisans. This involves a lengthy procedure with many steps to ensure a unique piece. The shaped pottery pieces are left out in the sun for a few days before the painting process can begin.

Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

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