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Our Journey

Our journey began 24 years ago, when a woman rediscovered herself in the city of mystics and shrines called Multan. Fatima immersed herself in a rich and vibrant culture where she discovered a profound connection for the beauty of her surroundings. This fed into her obsession for handmade crafts, where she discovered her purpose of preserving indigenous crafts of that region and beyond. Fatima created Ishq in 2018.

Ishq is a lifestyle brand that explores the charm and creation of handcrafted artefacts across the subcontinent, especially seeking products that reveal a story which we can connect with. Our products are handmade with love and are beautifully crafted using natural, fine, and honest materials. Each of our bespoke items reveal a unique story.

Sustainable | Ethical | Vintage

Our Love for Sustainability

We aim to bridge ancient traditions with the younger generation in our narrative.

At Ishq, we celebrate the beauty of imperfection which make our products so unique. We are passionate about keeping small industries alive. We work alongside independent designers, brands, and craftspeople to fill homes around the world with artistic, handmade, vintage, and rare finds. We pride ourselves on recycling fabric inhouse where we create our throws and other recycled products.

100% Handmade | Designed by expert artisans