Turquoise Mountain - NGO

Turquoise Mountain - NGO

At Ishq, we firmly believe in supporting artisans in the sub-continent and have partnered with Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan to help support Craftswomen and men in the region. Since Ancient times, Afghan artisans have been sought after for their ability to precisely cut and inlay semi-precious stones. Turquoise Mountain was founded in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs, skills, and a renewed sense of pride. By Supporting this organisation Ishq is contributing to drive economic development in the area as well as preserving unique cultures and traditions, also, providing jobs and education. 

Turquoise Mountain works to protect heritage and communities at risk around the world, and to provide jobs, education and a renewed sense of pride. Turquoise Mountain has restored over 150 historic buildings, employed and trained thousands of artisans and builders, built over 50 small businesses, and supported and generated over $17 million in sales of traditional crafts to international markets.

 Supporting artisan men and women in an area of conflict is imperative to nurture their creativity and instil a sense of purpose in an area which has been caught up in so much turmoil. 

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