The Mental Entrepreneur: A Journey of Heart, Handwritten Notes, and Mishaps

The Mental Entrepreneur: A Journey of Heart, Handwritten Notes, and Mishaps

Welcome to the first installment of our blog series, "The Mental Entrepreneur," where we peel back the curtain and give you a glimpse into the soul of our business, Ishq.Uk. Running a small business isn't just about numbers and products; it's about the heart and passion we pour into every aspect of what we do.

Handwritten Notes: The Personal Touch

In an era of digital communication, there's something special about the handwritten note. At Ishq, we believe that personal connection is key. That's why we include a heartfelt handwritten note with each package we send. It's our way of saying thank you and forging a real connection with our customers.

Precision Packaging: Weighed, Sized, and Sent with Care

Sending packages may seem routine, but for us, it's an art. Each product is meticulously weighed and sized to meet Royal Mail requirements. It's not just about logistics; it's about ensuring your purchase arrives in perfect condition. We take pride in the details because, to us, every order is special.

London's Backdrop: A Canvas for Product Stories

Our commitment to showcasing our products extends beyond the confines of our studio. We scout locations across London, utilizing beautiful backdrops that tell a story. Whether it's a serene park or a bustling market, we want our photography to not just showcase our products but to immerse you in the world of Ishq.

Hammad: The Madman on a Bicycle

Meet Hammad, our passionate photographer who takes the term "cycling enthusiast" to a whole new level. He navigates the streets of London like a madman, capturing the essence of our brand with every click. Hammad's dedication goes beyond a job – it's a commitment to telling our story with every pedal stroke.

Lost in Transit: The Art of International Shipping

The joys of international shipping! One of our products embarked on a month-long adventure to Germany, only to get lost in transit. The culprit? A missing CN22 form. We couldn't help but laugh at the comedy of errors. Lesson learned: paperwork matters, even in the world of small business.

As we embark on this series, join us in celebrating the highs, embracing the challenges, and finding humor in the hiccups. Being a mental entrepreneur isn't just a job; it's a journey of heart and overcoming the inevitable challenges. Stay tuned for more tales from the world of Ishq, where every day is an adventure in entrepreneurship.

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