The Gems of Pakistan

Pakistan is home to the top 5 highest mountain peaks in the world. Lush green landscapes and magnificent archaeological sites for the truly curious. Below are just a snippet of the best to see.
K2 Mountain Range- This magnificent snow-covered mountain reflects the powerful might of nature in all of its glory. This is often referred to as the ‘Savage Mountain’ Just the mere spectacle of this mountain is a perspective altering experience.
Shandur Polo Festival- Is one of the biggest festivals in Pakistan. This is held from the 7-9th July every year on Shandur Pass n the Chitral District. The festival also includes folk music and dance.
Malam Jabba Festival- Malam Jabba is among the few skiing resorts in the country and is located at about 8,500 feet above sea level. The festival features several winter sports including skiing, speed skating, ice hockey, sledding, tobogganing, archery, curling, snow-tubing, music show, food, display of handicrafts and others. The organisers also make  arrangements for traditional foods and music to entertain the participants and visitors. The organisers say that the sports extravaganza is aimed at reviving the scenic places.
Khewra Salt Mines- are the second largest mines in the world. To prevent the mine from collapsing on itself 50% of the salt is mined. The other half supports as columns to keep the mine from collapsing. With such a massive area and workforce, some interesting structures have been carved within the salt mine. Amongst the earlier structures Badshahi mosque has been built within the mine. More recently small version of the Great Wall Of  China, Lahore’s Shimla Hill and The Mall Road Of Murree. The Khewra Salt mine even has its own functional Post Office for use by the workers built entirely out of salt bricks, which is one of a kind in the world.
Pakistan has a rich history which can be noted in the cities such as Lahore and Karachi. A multitude of cultures stemming from a great variety of ethnic groups.  Each ethnic group, whether they live in the northern mountain peaks or the southern desert lands, bring with them age-old traditions, fascinating cultures, all varieties of food, bright clothes and enchanting myths, creating a land of unprecedented uniqueness. You need to visit Pakistan at least once in your life because the soul of the people and the beauty of it's natural landscape topped with the fascinating aspects of its rich culture are sure to make it an experience you will always remember.