Shikargah Vintage Handmade Rug

The Beauty of Vintage products


 Vintage interior design has always proven to be a popular and attractive trend and an enjoyable way for people to express themselves whilst decorating their homes. A vintage interior design definition can be summed as using furniture and styles from previous generations to create a pre-contemporary design style in the home. Many people in the current age are especially fond of vintage interior design since the 60s/70s/80s were considered the most influential eras in terms of music, fashion, style and influence.

Incorporating  vintage interior design into your home can help spark a nostalgic, sentimental feeling. Reconnect with yourself, your family history, previous musical interests, or feel a part of your very own vintage film set.

Antique tapestries make an interesting element in modern homes Once a sign of incredible wealth, antique tapestry wall hangings have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently, thanks to their brilliance and beauty. The tapestry tradition has spanned centuries, which means that antique tapestries can be found in an incredible array of textile traditions, shapes, and sizes to fit any budget or decor scheme.

As the industry for antique tapestries is growing so too did their elegance and their storytelling. Silk combined with golden and silvered threads elevated tapestry’s artistry and prestige. At the same time, artists who excelled in the medium began to conjure a wider array of themes and subjects in their tapestries. Classical mythology, Biblical narratives, major battles; whatever the subject, the leading makers of antique tapestries across Europe during this period tailored their works to each patron’s demands and desires. 

The realm of antique tapestries offers a fascinating journey through history, as well as incredible potential for adding textile-based arts to your collection. Whether your decor is built upon a boho chic aesthetic or trends toward the more tastefully refined, the remarkable variety within the thriving market for antique tapestries means almost any style can be found to suit your space. 


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