Recycled Throws/Ralis

Recycled Throws/Ralis

Recycling is a complicated system dictated by market demand, price determinations, local regulations, the success of which is contingent upon everyone, from the product-designer to the trash-thrower, to the waste collector, to the recycling factory worker. We consumers play a much more critical role than we might imagine, depending on how we use our products and in what shape we throw them away, determines their value and quality post-use.


Brands will be increasingly moving away from working with virgin materials to upcycle second-generation products— At Ishq,  we are committed to pursuing the highest quality products made in a sustainable way with a thoughtful footprint through working using recyclable materials where we can. Our Ralis are a perfect example of this. Pieces of recycles materials are sewn together by hand to create beautiful one off designs to adorn any living space.

   Our goal is to create products that will become life-long treasures to the owner, pushing out the lifespan of the product and the need to dispose of or recycle it, which is alone a sustainable idea. All our throws / Ralis are machine-washable, which reduces the need for harmful dry-cleaning chemicals over the lifetime of your throw.   

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