It goes without saying that we are going through difficult times. The truth of the matter is, that although the calendar is turning a new page, much of our reality will be much the same in 2021. Sadly, many of the struggles we face will continue on every level. From a personal, professionally, nationally and globally.

The past year brought a combination of challenges that nobody could have anticipated. A global pandemic, a wounded economy, and a reckoning over racial injustice – and that was all before the end of July!

Yes, 2020 was a tough one!

But we survived. We endured the challenges, and some of us even discovered newfound strength. We may not be our old selves, and we may be missing some of our friends and loved ones, but we are here.

From Personal experience, I would like to share a few pointers which could help you thrive in 2021.

Look after key relationships

Your partner, your children, parents and grandparents, siblings, closest friends. Really try to look out for them.

Stay active

The temptation to do nothing is strong. Try to resist it. Walking and connecting with nature releases serotonin and endorphins that promote happiness and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Think something positive

This can be a way of appreciating and practicing gratitude, it can be as simple as talking to a friend, being grateful for a lovely dinner.

Help others

If you are able to lend a helping hand to family friends or neighbors who can’t grocery shop, walk their dog or get a medical appointment, can reap benefits for them and yourself.

Compete Less

One thing is for sure, we’re all in this world together. As a result, it’s too easy to see the world as competition against one another. Instead, let’s remember we’re on the same team, all trying to be the best versions of ourselves. If you want to compete, compete against who you were yesterday.

Live Boldly!

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