Hala Pottery

To the left of the Indus River in the Sindh province, is the lively town of Hala. It is the home of the Kashi artisans, who have been plying their art since ancient times. Amongst its most popular handicrafts is pottery. Its glazed ceramic terra cotta pieces are quite popular in Pakistan and beyond.

These pots and tiles available in various shapes and sizes are famous for their exquisite hand painting. Using only signature colours that include cobalt blue, turquoise, mustard, purple, brown and white; this form of art is known as ‘Kashi Kari’. The Hala tiles and earthenware are massively exported to Middle East and Europe.


Each piece goes through a long process, which involves about 20 steps. It is a long and difficult process but one that ensures each piece is unique. The whole process begins while piles of earth begin to be sifted, and mixed. One of the most interesting sites you will come upon is the wood-fuelled furnaces. This is where the shaped pottery pieces are heated for about 20 hours before the painting process can begin.

In this town children are passed down the legacy from their families and they know from an early age that they need to perfect the craft. They spend a lot of time perfecting their pottery works. The process is a marvel to watch, whilst they use just a brush and ink. You actually have to see it to believe it!