Embracing Wabi Sabi

Embracing Wabi Sabi

Is your to do list spiralling out of control? Do you feel the constant need to keep improving and updating your home? Are you always rushing to get chores done or complete tasks? If you have answered yes at least to one question then you could benefit from Wabi Sabi.
Very simply, Wabi means simplicity, Sabi means the” beauty of age and wear”. Accepting that the world and life itself is imperfect and unfinished. In Life, the fingerprints, scars, and laugh lines is itself perfectly imperfect, and we should embrace the beauty in that.

In relationships, Wabi Sabi teaches that  you deliberately accept each other where you are — imperfect, unfinished, and mortal.

Accepting someone else’s faults, rather than taking them on as a project to be fixed, leaves you the time and emotional energy for enjoying that person.

In Food, Wabi Sabi principles suggest our food should be natural, simple, and prepared from intuition, enjoyable and creative.

At Home, A Wabi Sabi home is full of rustic character, charm, and things that are uniquely yours… If an old wooden table has significance to you, for example, coffee stains doesn’t have to be an eyesore. It can also be a sign that the piece has been used and enjoyed. Think about a colour palette that’s calming and mimics what’s found in nature. Greens, greys, earth tones, and rusts. This creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and harmony. 

In Beauty, the starting point of cultivating a Wabi Sabi beauty is to appreciate the process of aging and trying not to get caught up in wanting to stagnate in the natural progression through life. Take a step back and take time out for yourself, to recharge such as having a massage, a facial or going for long walks. 

Your Wardrobe, a Wabi Sabi clothing philosophy is about appreciating – a well worn bag, a hand knitted jumper, long dancing nights reminding heels. When choosing new clothes, you should seek out natural, sustainably made garments of wool, cotton, hemp, bamboo, leather, silk. Accepting ones own imperfections and appreciating the flaws can actually make a person joyful!



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