From decorating to gift wrapping, the short period of the holidays can generate tons of waste and foster not very environmentally friendly choices, but there are ways to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas! And they are not as difficult as you may think.

Twigs, pinecones, acorns, berries, dried flowers are all perfect starting points for a centrepiece. Either laid informally on the table or layered with festive ornaments and string lights, the result will be festive and totally eco-friendly!

Support Independent Shops

It’s never been more important to embrace our local indies! Opting to buy food from local farmers and producers in a nearby indie is a great way to show some love for the organic movement in your area this Christmas.

Rethinking Christmas Gifts

Going green over the festive period doesn’t have to mean cutting back on gift giving. Getting creative with your gifts and spark some joy this Christmas by gifting a unique handmade product which has been made with a whole lot of love! That unique item which has been consciously crafted goes a long way.

Go For Gift Bags

Gift bags are a great alternative to wrapping paper and can easily be re-used  time and time again. You could also try giving plain paper shopping bags a Christmas makeover by decorating them with stamps, pens or dried flowers. Ditch the Sellotape (other adhesive brands are available) this year and opt for a string to tie up those loose paper ends. Not only will this eco-friendly gift wrapping give your presents a classic look, but it will mean you can re-use your wrapping paper without it getting torn and ruined. 

Wrapping Up Warm This Christmas

If you would  like to update your wardrobe this Christmas but are worried about the impact of fast fashion on the environment, look out for organic cotton and wool. Working with nature, these are two of the most sustainable materials you can buy.

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