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The Hunting Scene 'Shikargah' Vintage Rug

The Hunting Scene 'Shikargah' Vintage Rug

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The Mughals were great patrons of art and brought in artists from Persia. The artists shared their skills with Persian carpet weavers and embroiders. It's the fusion of this knowledge and skill sharing which led to a huge religious influence in the woven textiles we see today. The Shikargah is one such inspired weave. Shikar means hunting and Gah means place.

It's a skill which needs a lot of support and encouragement for it to continue so our future generations can enjoy these beautiful weaves or else they shall become heirlooms and museum artefacts.

Our Shikargah rug is an antique piece. A little historic piece of treasure for your home.

Dimensions 2'5ft x 4'7ft
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