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Large Candle - Young Marys

Large Candle - Young Marys

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Inspired by African countries slightly off the beaten track, our African Wonders collection celebrates the unique ecologies and histories of these beautiful nations.
These luxurious candles come in two sizes
100 ml in a rose gold tin container
250 ml in our frosted glass containers
All of our candles are handmade in small batches using specially blended wax that offer a creamy luxurious appearance and infused with fragrances containing natural essential oils, which have been inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa.

No refund, no return on all sale items. 
Côte d'Ivoire - the chocolate lover's dream
Rich and indulgent with hints of dark chocolate swirled with sweet caramel and
vanilla creme. All topped off with toasted almonds and hazelnuts.
Lesotho - punchy and bright
Punchy and bright with a hint of citrus, a perfect candle for those slightly colder
months, the exact type of weather Lesotho enjoys nearly year round.
Fez - exotic and spicy
Rich and sultry with notes of green tobacco leaves, sweet vanilla and amber.
Kano - warm and woody
Warm and smooth with a touch of sandalwood and cracked peppercorn, enhanced
by fresh citrus top notes and exotic musk.
Maputo - a blend of sand and sea
A fun blend of sand and sea with refreshing notes of lemon, white and green teas and
mandarin with light floral backgrounds of amber and soft wood.
Alexandria - a floral oasis
Floral and bright with notes of lilac, rose and geranium.



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